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Piral, Formed in the Ancient Kilns in Albisola Italy

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The benefits of Cooking with Clay Cookware are understood by many cultures from around the globe. But Italian made Piral terracotta cookware with its easy clean glass-like cooking surface is easily the most versatile and beautiful. Light weight, energy efficient and its non-metal characteristics result in better tasting flavors. Unlike many clay pots Piral finishes the entire cooking surface not with a glaze, but with a sprayed on glass-like finish sealing the clay interior so the flavor of the food is not altered which results in consistent better flavors. Piral terracotta (baked earth) is made of rigorously chosen raw materials in Italy. Trust your families food flavors to the century old traditions of Italian artisans. Experience the many benefits that only a trusted name brings to your kitchen and table. Piral of Italy.  Available at Terra Allegra Imports LLC

How to cook on Piral terracotta cookware | Instructions for cooking on Piral cookware

Terra Allegra encloses a Use & Care guide with every order of Piral terracotta we ship.  IMPORTANT USE AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Congratulations on purchasing this fine Italian terracotta cookware.How to Use Italian Terracotta Cookware There are so many advantages to cooking and serving with Piral all natural terracotta cookware. Piral cookware is extremely versatile so it can be used [...]

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Piral, Special Sale | 4.5 Quart Dutch Oven - Covered Casserole Earthy Orange | Terra Allegra

Carefully chosen raw materials, Italian red clay, the skill of artisans born of great tradition in Liguria all shape the beautiful terracotta cookware, Piral. But Piral is not just beautiful cookware, its function as a pan for everyday propels this superior clay cookware to very high marks. Slow Cooked Pot Roast, Stove-top to Oven In [...]

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Piral terracotta Cookware, Perfect for Braising

Piral terracotta Cookware, Perfect for Braising, Easy & Delicious….Welcome, Often if wanting to braise a meat I will first start with sauteing some diced onion and mushroom in a heavy saucepan add kosher or sea salt & fresh ground pepper in good quality olive oil, cook onion and mushroom till golden brown over a medium [...]

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