Authentic Italian Cooking Ware

10th Apr 2013

Piral terracotta cookware from Terra Allegra has been made in Italy since before 1870.  Crafted  by a combination of machinery and by hand into pleasing shapes sizes and vibrant colors the terracotta (baked earth)  cooking vessels retain heat best and produce more complex flavors for you, your family and friends.   You can proudly present your favorite dishes from stove-top or oven to table in these fine and beautiful pots and pans.  We invite and urge you to try Authentic Italian Cooking Ware and feel that for a variety of reasons as shown below it will become a favorite pan for many uses.


Features/Benefits :

~ Easy Clean Interior

 ~Use, purchase less plastic! It’s good for the Earth! One of the best things about Piral cookware is storing in either before cooking or after in the refrigerator and placing in a cool oven or on a low heat to bring to temperature

 ~Energy is limited and expensive…with the exceptional heat conductivity of Piral Cookware you will use less energy for a more efficient kitchen

 ~Ancient civilizations understood that terracotta heating characteristics develop deep flavors, subtle, rich and vibrant.

 ~Formed of tradition, finished by hand, baked in the kiln Piral Cookware has a much smaller environmental impact than its metal counterparts.